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So often new clients come to me and say that they aren’t comfortable being posed in front of a camera.

And that’s just the thing: being more heavily posed doesn’t solve the problem. Photographers young in their career will focus on how to pose better. There is a place for that, but taking more time to tell a client how to hold themselves takes away from any moment that might have been there. It lacks the emotions that make it timeless.

I want a good balance of portraits and candid moments. But there’s a way to work through a wedding day that brings out the best in both. It’s about knowing our job so well after years in the business that we can prepare for moments before they even happen.

It starts in a consultation. We don’t book with anyone without talking to both the bride and groom together. Our personalities have to match from day one.

It continues with a planning session with every couple after you book with us. In that session, we look at sample timelines and talk about who is important to you in your lives. With that information, we begin planning your photography in a way that lets intimate moments happen without distraction, and seeing that they happen against the most beautiful backdrops of the property.

It might mean giving your mom a few minutes alone with you when your dress first goes on so that she has emotional space, no distractions, a beautiful backdrop and tears at the ready. We might suggest giving your dad a first look before your future husband sees you, and choosing a spot where the lighting is stellar and no one will interrupt. If you want a first look, we’ll help stage it so that its comfortable and stunning and we’ll photograph it from a distance so that everyone is comfortable.

And so on. These intimate moments only take 5 or 10 minutes. But when accumulated throughout your day, they result in a series of emotional moments that a longer portrait session can’t re-create. The best part is that they aren’t posed; you and your fiance(e) are so engaged in the moment that there is no need. They’re real.

If you are looking at our work, it is because you have seen something special in what we do, and we’d love to talk with you about your wedding.


From intimate elopements, to three day weddings where photographs of your family are paramount, we cover a wide range of weddings each year.

I update our collections every quarter as we adjust to what our clients are asking for. We both photograph as primary photographers, bringing in our second photographers depending on the size and needs of your wedding.

Our pricing comes in the form of custom estimates that vary based on coverage hours, distance, second photographers, additional coverage, wall mosaics, albums, engagement sessions, day after sessions, rehearsal coverage and print packages.

What we’d love to do, is to find out what matters to you, what your wedding will be like, and to get a custom estimate just for you.

Here are a few things to think about before deciding on a photographer:

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So the best way to get a firm price is to start a conversation. Here are some questions to help start that conversation:
Where will your wedding be? What images have you seen here, or with other photographers, that best represent what you are looking for in your images? What parts of your wedding weekend do you want captured in these memories?

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[Peter] was amazing to work with throughout the entire planning process – so well prepared for every meeting we had, and thoughtful in his suggestions around the timeline and flow of the day…On the day of, he was a really wonderful presence to have with us. Peter struck a perfect balance between letting some of the more emotional moments unfold and capturing them…If we had to do it all again, we would hire Peter in a heartbeat.


Peter was punctual, professional, well-prepared, and approachable. Many of the members of our families had not met, but Peter’s approach made it easy for strangers to feel comfortable. Looking through the pictures it is incredible how he was able to almost be in two places at once. We are so happy with how the pictures came out and would recommend him to anyone deciding who to pick to capture their special day! – Emily S.