Love Yourself Enough for Life Without Photoshop

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Love Yourself Enough for Life Without Photoshop

There has to be a balance when comparing ourselves to others. A balance that says I look great, I might change a little something to constantly improve who I am, but NEVER “I’m not good enough”. Love yourself enough to know the difference.

Occasionally I am asked to edit a set of wedding pictures to trim arms, remove chins, flatten bellies, and even reshape faces. On some level I understand.

My nose is crooked. I’ve developed an uneven smile. Wrestling in younger years warped my ears a little. And in my early 20s my hair started to recede; thankfully it has stayed in place for the last 15 years. I’m self conscious too. But at what point do we recognize what matters more?

Your loved ones know you by your smile and the energy that radiates from a happy, confident person.

You may even be hunched over in an image because your belly hurts from laughing so hard. But it’s you, the real you.

While you’re comparing yourself to others and worried about how you look, remember that your loved ones are looking at the same image and seeing a real, beautiful person that they love for all the amazing things that you are. And you are more beautiful for it.

As we get older my perception of beauty changes.

With each passing year I find I am more attracted to the twinkle in someone’s eye more than anything else about them.

The way a woman laughs with her best friend, the calm joy that emanates from her eyes, or the way you embrace your mother, all speak of an inner beauty to me that is far more stunning than anything we could hope for.

When you look at your images for the first time, look at how much people love you. Don’t miss the joy in their eyes being reflected back in your own. See how beautiful you are.

So no, I don’t alter every image to change how you look. I use Photoshop prolifically, especially in commercial work. But not to alter the way a bride or a family looks. Life without Photoshop is a beautiful thing, especially for your wedding.

Instead I catch the moments, I give you advice on posing, and I see that the light is stunning and the image is crystal clear. Your job is to just be you. No pretense, no facade, no insecurities. And let who you are shine through.

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