Four Practical Gifts for Groomsmen

Gifts for groomsmen at your Maine wedding
We love real ties, especially real bow ties. As a gift though, they might not be something that your groomsmen use again. So consider a complimenting gift, one that fits the wedding, and one that they might use over time.

What do you give to a groomsman?

Time and again I see gifts for groomsmen that are useful on the day of the wedding, but that probably won’t ever see the light of day again.

Don’t get me wrong, standing for the groom in a wedding has associated costs, and a gift that cuts down on those costs is appreciated. But there might be a way to give something that helps on the day of the wedding and is also useful long after.

So here are 4 gift ideas for your groomsmen, (and why they help your photographs)!

1: Give them a dresser tray, then make them empty their pockets

Gifts for groomsmen - A dresser tray
It sounds selfish to give a gift like this tray just to make a point, but the reality is that it’s so incredibly useful over time too.

Useful on the wedding day and useful over time, but it carries a real point.

Over and again I tell the men to empty their pockets before the ceremony. And every time someone still walks down the aisle in a perfectly tailored suit with the front pocket bulging with keys, loose change, a bill fold, entire wallets, and (the worst of all offences) their plus sized cell phones.

I can’t take those out of the picture later, so give them a hand, and give each groomsman a dresser tray.

Then immediately make him empty his pockets.

2: A shave kit

Gifts for groomsmen - A shave kit
Guys do better in front of the camera when they feel good about themselves. So setting aside a little time in the morning for the guys to sharpen up together takes the edge off the look of the last minute rush out the door, and helps your photographs all day long.

The amount of detail in digital images today is astounding. If 5 facial hairs are long because of a hasty trim, it will show. Even an intentional scruff needs clean lines to pull it off at a wedding.

And the only way to make it happen is to leave enough time before the wedding for guys to get ready, and make an environment where your groomsmen pay attention to looking sharp in support of your celebration.

So encourage it with a nice leather kit.

3: A Tie Rack

Gifts for groomsmen - a tie rack
If your groomsmen work in an office environment, then a tie rack might be a gift that will not only keep the tie wrinkle free on the day of the wedding, but be used long after.

So I get that the ring bearer might be too young for a traditional tie or bowtie. Getting them to stand still long enough to put it on might not even be possible. So clip-ons have their place.

For the groomsmen though, buying a nice, classy tie is brings a certain swag to the wedding that grown men wearing clip-ons just can’t match.

As a gift though, there is the chance that they might never have a use for it, either by profession, or just because the style of your wedding might not match their office attire.

Consider a marriage of style and usefulness. Giving your groomsmen some of the required attire as a gift, add a tie rack or other practical gift that they can take back and use over time.

Wrinkles in a suit or tie will show in every picture of the day. So this gift has a few practical uses.

4: If a celebration is in order, make it classy with a decanter

Gifts for groomsmen - Something to celebrate with
And there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a little too. Make it classy.

This gift speaks for itself. There’s a time to celebrate.

As a photographer, there are some weddings where I’m trying to clear empty beer cans from the scene before the pictures.

So if a few drinks are part of the celebration, find a way to make it look sharp.

Every wedding is different

Some guys will go more for style and others for the celebration. Either way check out some of the gifts at Groovy Guy Gifts for starters. Each of the images above is linked to the product on their page. But whatever you decide, keep some of the tips in mind:

  • Do a pocket check before the ceremony
  • Leave more time than you expect and get a clean shave on
  • Keep the suits and ties wrinkle free (and don’t do clip ons)
  • And keep the room clear of cheap beer cans and instead aim for a little style to celebrate

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