Fifty Two Years and Four Lifetimes

Fifty Two Years and Four Lifetimes

Monday, April 4th, 2016. My lovely parents celebrated fifty-two years of marriage today, and I recognize again what a profound impact they have had in my life.

I took this portrait of them along the rocky coast of Harpswell, Maine, about 9 months before I began to pack up my home there. I wouldn’t know where to begin to count the number of times they have traveled to Maine over the years. The first of which being when my father came to court his future wife in Portland.

They were married in the little Free Methodist church at the top of Munjoy Hill in Portland, where my grandfather was the minister in the early 1960s. And from there they went on to have four children, the third of which, is me.

As we grew up they would bring us back to Maine no matter where we were in life. At first it was to visit my grandparents, later to remember them and carry on our family traditions. Some years those trips were from Oklahoma, or Michigan where I was born. Later years they were from Pennsylvania, then New York where I spent most of my growing up years.

No matter where we lived, those visits brought a sense of home, and a sense of tradition to us. And we carry that tradition on with us to this day.

In 2008, I moved to Maine to take a new job, and my yearly travels to see them grew short. My family, which now includes my parents, 3 siblings and I, and 12 grandchildren, still make the journey here. But over time it has changed from a sense of vacation, to that of celebrating our family.

We are only on this earth for a short while. And a family this strong takes nearly all of that lifetime to build. My parents have been working on that one single task for fifty-two years, and it has now encompassed the entire lifetime of their four children. For that I couldn’t be more grateful.

So I’m wishing them a happy anniversary today. I’m thankful for all that they are to us, and I’m hopeful that I too, have the opportunity to build a family just as rich as the one that they have given us.

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  1. Thank you, son Peter, for these wonderful ’52nd Anniversary’ thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you in Maine soon.

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