Family Portraits in Maine

Family Portraits in Maine

In many ways, my aunts have been like mothers to me, and seeing them sit together with my mom, on the far right, leaves me feeling incredibly blessed.

For years while my grandmother was still alive, they would pull themselves away from their families and steal her off to the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains of Vermont and the beauty of New England at the peak of fall color. It was a collection of Grandma’s favorite things: the fall; the foliage; the change of seasons; and her daughters all together. I can still remember her showing me the pictures after a trip with them, smiling with that twinkle in her eye.

And after she passed away, my mom and aunts started going further to take some time near their childhood home in Maine and to walk the low tide looking for sand dollars along Old Orchard Beach.

This year we made the most of the opportunity, heading north to some of my own memories within Harpswell to capture a portrait of them together. Much enjoyed, much love, and hopefully again soon.

Family Portrait Session: Harpswell, Maine
Photographer: Peter Greeno assisted by Magan Fletcher
Heirloom Product: 6 Matted Velvet Fine Art Prints

Maine Family Portraits in Maine by Peter Greeno Photography

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  1. Thank you Peter Greeno and Megan for doing this for us. You are special and I love you…

  2. Thank you Peter. Great to be with you and Megan, a very sweet gal. Also the sunset on Bailey Island is my screen saver, gorgeous. The picture of the Ball tribe turned out beautiful. It was a wonderful evening, even though it was cold and windy. You mom has a very special son, you. Love you

  3. Now I see the beauty of the background. The picture is beautiful. Thanks so much Peter.

  4. Beautiful picture, Peter. Beautiful family heritage God gave us all. Love you!

  5. Peter and Magan, thank you so much… it’s a beautiful memory… we love you.. We clean up nicely, don’t we ?

  6. Aunt Caroline is very thankful for the thoughtfulness of you and Megan in showing us the studio and around the area, also thanking you for the photo which is beautiful. She has friends waiting to see it. Thanks again , I love you guys.

  7. Peter, that is such a dramatic setting for such beautiful ladies that I’ve known all my life. Your creative touch to capture the light and shadows is stunning.

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