Change this one thing

Change this one thing

I am often asked what the best wedding photography camera is, and how I edit my images.

For as much as a full frame sensor will give you amazing color saturation, great lenses have less distortion or high ISO capability will give you smoother, the one thing you really need, doesn’t cost a thing.

I don’t care if you’re shooting with an iPhone or with a top of the line Nikon or Canon.

What I do care about is the light.

Big. Diffused. Light.

If you’re inside, place a thin, old white sheet over the window, and have someone stand next to it. Stand on the opposite side of the window and photograph across it so that the sheet doesn’t show.

If you’re outside, find great shade where the hard light from the sun is blocked, and turn your subject so that one side of their face is on the brightest side. Or choose a cloudy day when the sun is diffused, or use evening light when the light is soft.

The soft diffused light will fall across faces in a way that affects your image more than an expensive camera could ever do.

The key is that the light is bright, big, diffused, and close to your subject for a soft gorgeous look.

In the case of the picture above, I had an expensive camera, and I was able to bring down the highlights from the window light. If I had been on my iPhone, I would have moved Stephanie closer to the window, and not shot directly into the windows. But in either case, having large windows next to her, without hard light coming in and creating difficult shadows, can create a gorgeous directional light with any camera.

So even though I have been using expensive cameras with full frame sensors and all the right trimmings…I often challenge myself to shoot with just an iPhone. If I can learn how to get that right, I can do something amazing with the good stuff.

Here’s an image from my iPhone on a day with clouds so the light from the sun was mostly diffused by a big sky. It was taken at Reid State Park in Maine during a quiet walk.

Peter Greeno iPhone Photography Tips
iPhone 5s
Partially cloudy sky
Edited in VSCOcam on the phone

Enjoy the journey, and don’t worry too much about the gear.