An important question to ask wedding photographers in Maine

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Taking the opportunity to see your images for the first time in person, or with me online, makes a tremendous difference for both you as the client, and me as the photographer. I don’t just mail you a disk; we have a full reveal together.

An important question to ask wedding photographers in Maine

And not all photographers meet that challenge as well as the next.

Before you hire a wedding photographer, ask how your images will be presented, how they will arrive.

Are you content with receiving a flash drive in the mail, and having no opportunity to talk through the images with the your photographer?

Or do you see value in looking at them together for the first time, making it a special evening when you relive the emotions, the feelings, the happiness and joy of your wedding?

Maine wedding photographers have a challenge in that most of our clients, 80 percent in my case, live out of state and choose Maine for their destination wedding. For most of my clients, this means that traveling to the studio to see your wedding images after your wedding isn’t feasible, so usually a first glimpse happens through a little drive that arrives in your mailbox on an every day kind of day.

That doesn’t seem special to me at all.

I want to see you fall in love with your images.

So I have made a change at my studio, and began working with all of my clients in the second half of this season to make something better work, anything really, that allows us to express our thoughts, laugh at what we had forgotten (and the images remembered), and share the emotional experience of discovering your wedding photos together.

I still send those images, but all of my weddings are now followed by a reveal session where my couples and I look at their images together, and for those too far away to come to the studio, we’re doing them online.

So get a glass of wine, take the evening off, have dinner before hand, then sit back and let me present your images to you in your home even if I can’t be there.

Its a small change, but it has some lasting impact.

It lets me see you fall in love with your images, to know how much you love them, to get feedback, answer questions, or present your images in an exciting way.

How it works at my studio.

We start with a slideshow set to music, and each image is in a layout on the screen in a way that tells a story. It might last 10 minutes, or 20. I show as many as I can, and we have been getting a lot of images out of our weddings, topping out at 1,030 for a special day recently in Connecticut.

We can then go back to any image, any scene, and talk about what you love in the image, how it happened, how it might look printed best in color, or black and white, how we might crop it.

And if you have ordered an album, or wish to, we take the next hour and plan it out together. Right there and then, so that it is exactly how you want your memories preserved through time.

It is a special moment, one where all of your hard work to put on a special day is shown in the form it will hold forever, your images. By being part of that, I can make it more special.

One more thing that I find is absolutely irreplaceable by doing these sessions online with you. You have the option of inviting family to join you. You can be in multiple locations, and we can all talk over the conference call, we can all see the same images at the same time. For some of my couples, having Mom and Dad there is really important. I know how much family matters to my clients, and that option is entirely up to you.

These sessions are my way of giving your family a way to see the images together, of experiencing the emotions and joys all over again, and being there to talk through the images with you.

So before you book your wedding photographer, find out how they can work with you all the way to the end.

How do they make certain that your questions are answered?

How do they make it special?

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