Acadia National Park Weddings

Acadia National Park Weddings

Acadia National Park Weddings

About a year and a half ago, Faith wrote me an email asking if I worked as far north as Bar Harbor, and Acadia. The fact is, I used to live in the Bangor region, and traveled to Acadia often. I have many memories there with a little one, with good friends, and even one of my first weddings a few years ago.

I remember looking at the phone as I realized that she was calling from South Carolina. It never ceases to amaze me how many people across the country have an attachment to this beautiful state of ours way up north. It took me years to get here, inching closer north over time until I found home.

As I began to talk with Faith, I learned that she and Michael were from Charleston, one of the country’s top destination wedding cities, and where another friend of mine just moved to be closer to his work with those weddings. But the pull to be in the high lands near the sea is strong for those of us that have experienced it.

It turns out that Faith and Michael, who have been together for 7 years, visited Acadia National Park in 2012. During the course of their wedding day I heard many stories of their explorations, then hopes of a nearing engagement, and all that established such strong memories that they would return, this year, with 18 close family and friends, to have their wedding at the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Joining me was none other than Kate Crabtree, a fantastic photographer in her own right and willing to lend a hand. Together the four of us took an hour and a half to run through a few amazing landscapes in the park before retiring to the Bar Harbor Inn for an intimate evening dancing on the upper deck while the sun set.

It was a rather amazing day. Congratulations Michael and Faith.

Update: Faith and Michael’s wedding is on the blog now

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